Advertising: turn the mind or attention, publicize, make known
Idea: notion of the mind, conception, vague belief, plan, aim, conception of something that is perfect
Concept: abstract idea, mental expression
Create: bring into being, give rise to
Innovate: introduce changes

Our team understands that the world of advertising is one of constant change and innovation. No longer are we only dealing with 30-second television ads, but all forms of moving picture communication, regardless of the distribution platform or its road to the audience.

Refinery has a small core team of VFX artists, animators, colourists and sound engineers, who are respectively masters of animation, design, visual effects, brand ads, focused retail offerings, adaptations, versioning, pax and trax.

Our producers work alongside you with creative conceptual development and production services, exploring new ways to deliver your message to any big or small screen globally, including television, cinema, activations, the internet and digital signage.

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