Refinery Post Production


Recommended by various broadcasters and preferred by most, we pride ourselves in the local and international standard that we uphold.

Refinery’s Johannesburg post production facilities include:

Our Baselights are set up for theatrical, DCP or television workflows. The theatrical Baselight suite is a Truelight-certified theatre with a 2D/3D 2K Barco projector. We run a Real 3D set-up for 3D stereo grading.
•on-set dailies management
•dailies clearance
•transcoding of all camera formats
•editorial files
•preview sites
•Spirit 1, with Da Vinci grading system – HD, SD, 2K scan
•Edit suites with shared storage in cutting rooms which can be configured to individual requirements
•Avid (Media Composer) – with Isis, LAN Share/Edit Share
•Final Cut Pro on DVS SAN
•Local and international 100 meg. line
•Aspera – 45 megs a second – Windows based
•Signiant – Web based HTTPS – Hot folders to secure servers in U.S.A. and U.K
We work closely with filmmakers to ensure their film meets international theatrical and broadcast delivery specs and can be delivered anywhere in the world.
•DCP encodings – Clipster
•Video deliveries
•File format deliveries
•Internet deliveries (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
•Telestream to broadcasters (DSTV, M-Net, E.TV & SABC)
•Deliveries via Adstream and Clear
This department handles all data, HD and SD deliveries.
•Whether you require digital files, HD, SD, PAL or NTSC, it’s easy to achieve any delivery requirements.
•DVD and Blu- ray authoring
•Tape duplication
Snap Studio at Refinery :: Johannesburg photographic studioSnap Studio is a 35.8m² studio with an infinity curve and options for white, black or green screen, within a larger 80m² space. Based at Refinery, the studio is ideal for photographic stills, interviews, talking heads, corporate videos and pack-shot shoots. It’s a blank canvas to accommodate whatever you need.

We offer the studio as a dry hire and also provide management of all shoot media/dailies, as well as access to Refinery’s creative and production services.

The studio’s features include:
• Roof height: 3.162m
• Grid height: 2.67m
• Power: 32 A C-form connector with break-out box, 4 x 15 A and 4 x 16 A caravan plugs
• Make up and dressing room areas are available
• Client entertainment area on balcony
• Access to catering
• Secure parking on-site
Snap Studio at Refinery :: film and photographic studio in Johannesburg

Refinery offers a selection of sound post production studios for advertising, film and television addressing Dolby 5.1 surround mixing, location recording, music production and jingle composition. ADR is serviced through Telos Xephyr ISDN and Source connect. We can record voices to clients around the globe.
South Africa’s Dolby Accredited theatrical sound studio, offering you a complete range of facilities for dialogue editing, Foley recording, SFX editing and design, ADR and calibrated 5.1 surround mixing studios. Our team have extensive ADR experience with high profile productions.Area 5.1, our flagship cinema-size mixing suite, is located at Sasani Studios, Highlands North. Charlotte Buys and Michael Botha make up Area 5.1’s core team, who collaborate with numerous sound artists (SFX editors, supervisors, sound engineers and musicians).International ADR credentials include Hannibal, World War Z, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Gangster Squad, 300 – Rise of The Empire, Feynman and the Challenger, Mary and Martha, Lost Boys, My Sister Kids, Winnie, A Million Colors, The Philanthropist, Strike Back 1,2, 3,District 9, Invictus, Generation Kill, Skin, Life Is Wild, No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, Starship Troopers 3, and Wild at Heart.

Featuring full Protools HD suites, an extensive sound effects and music library, and an all-star roster of award-winning mixers, sound designers, and composers, Fine Tune prides itself on delivering top notch creative audio in a relaxed and efficient client-centric atmosphere.Capabilities include mixing for all formats, complete sound solutions for television commercials, radio production, custom music, sound design, 5.1 mixing, ISDN recordings and audio for the gaming world.

Fine Tune Studios is led by Warren Burley, a multi-award-winning sound engineer with over 15 years experience both in South Africa and Europe.

For more information, visit

Humdrum is operated and run by Peter Cornell, a 20-year veteran of the audio industry, who has the enviable track record of having completed over 15 000 television and radio commercials, mixed three feature films and worked on over 1 200 Dolby Surround mixes. Peter is a multiple Loerie and Ad of the month award winner, who is able to supply any audio solution to his clients.

Everything from realistic CG animals and green screen composites to wire removals and matte paintings, all seamlessly integrated into live action as though the director shot it.
•Flame 2k V 2009 3.2 terrabytes storage (x1)
•Flint 2k V 2009 3.2 terrabytes storage(x1)
•Smoke 2k V.2009, 3.2 terabytes storage (x1)
•Nuke & AfterEffects V3 Hi-end 8 core machine

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