Kyle Stroebel

Kyle is a motion picture colourist currently based out of The Refinery, Cape Town. He is best known for popping colours, creating transcendent moods and crying profusely that one time while accepting a BAFTA. Kyle splits his time between shortform commercial projects and longform narrative films and brings an eye for detail to any piece. With over 15 years of experience he has been able to curate a unique style suited to contemporary filmmaking. He combines a technical knowledge – forged in the fires of celluloid film and the world of telecine – with a creative flare and emotional understanding of film language. Currently working on Filmlight’s Baselight system he spends his free time diving underwater, exploring South African small towns and telling friends he’s better at tennis than he really is.

Full service post production & VFX for the moving picture industry. From set solutions to final delivery. Servicing both local and foreign productions

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